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Exclusive: National Association of Social Workers Puts Covenant House Children’s Shelter on Notice!

CovHou.com has recently received copies of correspondence between the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and Covenant House.

The letters reveal that NASW and the Transgender Foundation of America has attempted to support Covenant House in ensuring that they treat all homeless children equally. However, the letter also expresses frustration over the Covenant House’s seemingly nonexistent willingness to change.

In an letter dated August 3, 2010 the Texas chapter of NASW states the following:

August 3, 2010

Dear Director Robinson,

We are corresponding in reference to the issue of the Houston Covenant House’s actions of denying access to services by homeless transgender children. In our meeting on July 6, 2010at the Houston Covenant House, you informed us that by July 19, 2010 you would provide us with the following information; 1) the Houston Covenant House Policies and Procedures as it applies to Intake, Assessment, Placement, and Discipline, and 2) a date and time convenient to meet again to discuss further solutions. So far, we have not received any correspondence from you or your office. As discussed, we are willing to work with the Houston Covenant House to reach a reasonable solution. We commend your commitment to help homeless youth. The solution should include existing services to children already being served and services to the homeless transgender children.

We, the Transgender Foundation of America (TFA) and the National Association of Social Workers-Texas Chapter (NASW-TX) GLBT Equity Committee, have agreed to the following: 1) have a continuing effort to educate your administration and staff on transgender issues; 2) to assist in interventions with homeless transgender children seeking shelter from the dangers of living on the streets; 3) provide volunteers to assist at the Houston Covenant House;and 4) provide suggested policy and procedure amendments to current policies and procedures.

We are unsure, at this time, of your intentions in these efforts to find solutions. The homeless transgender children are still on the streets seeking help and not receiving that help from the Houston Covenant House. Our group looks forward to working with you to find a solution to this concern. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can continue our efforts to reach an equitable solution.

Read the letter in its entirety here.

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